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Second Opinion Service

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Need a Second Opinion?

Are you satisfied with your current financial plan?

It can be hard to be sure that you're maximizing every aspect of your financial plan - that's where we come in. By offering a second-opinion review, we can make sure you're on your way to financial independence and meeting all your goals. If there's room for improvement, we can offer strategies to help you have that confidence that you're doing everything you can for your future.

Initial Introduction Meeting
~45-60 minutes

• Identify and review your goals (who and what is important to you)

• Review your current financial situation

• Discuss our planning philosophy

Personalized Plan Presentation
~60-90 minutes

• Compare where you are with where you want to be

• Review the audit of your investment portfolio and insurance programs

• Discuss recommendations that can help you and your family achieve your financial security goals

• Co-create and implement the recommendations that will work best for your lifestyle

Results Management Review
~30-60 minutes

• Meet regularly to review your plan progress and help you adjust as needed to stay on track

• Identify remaining gaps or inefficiencies within your plan and collaborate with other professionals as appropriate

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